Turkey, Whole

Turkey, Whole

Whole turkey orders require a $60 non-refundable deposit for each turkey.

When you pick up your turkey, you'll be charged the remaining balance, based on the actual weight of the bird.

Because we work with small farmers who raise turkeys seasonally, turkeys were harvested in time for Thanksgiving and then frozen. When you pick up your turkey, you should allow 2 days in the refrigerator for your bird to thaw out.

We have limited turkey sizes/breeds available. If we don't have your particular size/breed combination at your local shop, we will contact you to offer an alternative.

Recommended Portions

5 or fewer guests: Breast and Drumsticks
6-9 guests: 8-13 lbs
10-13 guests: 13-16 lbs
14-17 guests: 16-19 lbs
18+ guests: 19-26 lbs

Pricing (remaining balance paid at pick-up)

Broad-Breasted White: $7.99/lb
Heritage: $11.99/lb
Kelly Bronze Heritage: $15.99/lb